Coen Building

Jan Pieterszoon Coen (1587-1629) was an officer of the VOC (Dutch East Inda Company) and was the founder of Batavia (Jakarta, Indonesia). He was long considered a national hero in the Netherlands. A building, a school, streets and a tunnel were named after him. A famed quote of his from 1618, "Despair not, spare your enemies not, for God is with us", illustrates his single-minded ruthlessness. In 1621, he led an armed assault of Banda, taking the island of Lonthor by force. Many thousands were massacred and replaced by slave labour from other islands to make way for Dutch planters. Of the 15,000 inhabitants it is believed only about a thousand survived on the island. Coen managed to reconquer Batavia in 1619 with fire destroying most of the town during the process. He rebuilt the city and fort, and wanted to name it Nieuw Hoorn, after his hometown Hoorn in the Netherlands, but didn't get his way. Should we change the names of streets to recalibrate history?

The marketing team of the Coen Building (Coengebouw) in Amsterdam,  developed slogans like "Coen Is King", "Make Coen, Not War" and "A Good Coen Is Hard To Find". They should look into history, then maybe they will think different.