Jerry King Luther Afriyie

Amsterdam-based poet and social critic Jerry Afriyie (also known as rapper Knowledge Cesare), was born in Ghana and named after Martin Luther King. He is an activist who fights racism. He was arrested when protesting against Black Pete, and charged with assaulting a police officer and resisting arrest, while being choked. Since he started protesting against the racist character of Black Pete, he received many racist insults and death threats. In court he was declared innocent, his arrests by the police were all unlawful. He keeps fighting for equality and an alternative for black face Pete. He founded Netherlands Gets Better (Stichting Nederland wordt Beter), and offers teaching packages for schools about the past of slavery and the history of Sinterklaas and Black Pete. Jerry also keeps on protesting against the black face tradition through Stop Blackface. Slowly more and more cities start to replace Black Pete for Soot Pete or colored Pete.