Nasrdin Dchar

Dutch-Moroccan actor Nasrdin Dchar was born in Rotterdam, and played in movies like Rabat (2011), Sorry (2012) and Deadline (2008). He was the first Dutch-Moroccan to receive a Golden Calf (the Dutch Oscar) in 2011 for Best Actor in the movie Rabat. In his emotional speech he said: "I'm Dutch, I'm proud on my Moroccan blood, I'm a muslim, and I've got a f**ing Golden Calf in my hands". In 2016 he was initiator of Ieder1 (Everybody One), a movement to encourage unity and an inclusive society for all people. This resulted in a march through Amsterdam, attended by 10.000 people. In 2017 he was invited by the Martin Luther King Lecture to read his message: A Dream For Everybody.